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Cocktail Recipe: Copper Bullet


As most bartenders around the world, our Bar Manager, Yiannis Karavias is understandably reluctant when it comes to sharing his cocktail recipes. “Making a cocktail is an artform and I’ve been crafting and testing flavors and mixes all year in order to provide Canaves Oia guests the best cocktails” Yiannis says. One of the signature recipes of  Canaves Oia bars is Copper Bullet that can be easily made at home. Here, rye whiskey makes way for bourbon in this update on the original cocktail, the Old Fashioned. Grab a shaker and by adding a homemade simple syrup, ginger water and lemon juice, you can enjoy a proper Copper Bullet on a lazy afternoon!


Bourbon 50ml

Ginger water 20ml

Fresh lemon juice 30ml

Simple syrup 30ml

Fresh mint leaves 5-6

Simple Syrup

Sugar 1part

Water 1part

Bring to boil and leave it boiling for 3 minutes.

Ginger Water

Ginger 200gr

Water 500ml

We add all ingredients in a blender and we blend them for 4 minutes. Leave them for 2 hours, then strain it.

Method: Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, feel it with ice and shake. Double strain and serve in a glass filled with crashed ice, garnish with a mint sprig, and paint gold.

Glass: Julep cup



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