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Recipe: Athenian Salad with King Crab


The Athenian Salad is a legendary dish from previous times. It is mostly related to grand buffets and secular receptions in Athenian houses. It’s an alternative of the Russian mayonnaise salad and was originally made with grouper fish fillet. Rumor has it that it was Aristotle Onassis favorite dish as reflected the golden Athenian era in the 60s where in most restaurants waiters wore bow ties and had perfect manners. Below, our take on the Athenian Salad with King Crab for exquisite flavor that exudes sea ​​iodine and brings back memories of lazy summer noons in Santorini. Our Chef of Petra Restaurant, Vassilis Roussos shared this utterly summer dish secrets and simplified the recipe for our beloved guests and readers.


The Athenian Salad by Canaves goes perfectly with a glass of chilled Assyrtiko wine of Santorini.


King crab leg with solder (1 piece)

1 carrot

1 potato

1 celery stalk

1 cucumber pickle


20 ml of olive oil

Olive Mayonnaise (15 ml)



Lemon juice

Lemon zest

Salt & Pepper


Homemade Mayonnaise ingredients

1 egg yolk

Sunflower oil (300 ml)

Olive oil (200ml)

Champagne vinegar (5 ml)

Salt & Pepper



Boil the crab for about 8 minutes. Then, cool it with chill water. Cut all vegetables in small cubes and boil according to your preferences (we prefer not to boil the vegetables too much in order not to loose their ccolours and flavor). We freeze as well with chill water. Cut the parsley, anise and caper. Remove the flesh of the crab and keep a small part to roast. We prepare the mayonnaise: add on a bowl the egg yolk, the champagne vinegar and then slowly the sunflower oil and olive oil. Season according to your preferences.


Method (2 portions):

Add on a bowl:

200grams. Crab flesh, 30 gram carrot, 30 gram selery, 20 gram potato, 10 gr. Cucumber pickle, 10 gram. Capers, 20 gram. Olive oil, 20 gram. Mayonnaise, 10 ml lemon juice, anise, parsley, leon zest, salt and pepper.

Then, stir for 2-3 min. until combined well. Roast the crab leg you reserved and serve on a plate.


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