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Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time

People of Santorini
On the last day, at our final meal, we told Loucas we were leaving and asked for the bill. His incredible response was “Souvenir…souvenir.” He was insistent that we could not pay for anything! It was a gesture that none of us will ever forget.
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Wine Secrets With Elina Dakanali

Wine secrets with Elina Dakanali


As Santorini is the most famous wine region in Greece which cultivates nine indigenous grape varieties, with unique taste and aromas due to the distinctiveness of the volcanic soil, is the best place to experience wine tasting or even try…

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Cocktail Recipe: Princess Jasmine

Cocktail Recipe: Princess Jasmine


Princess Jasmine at the well known film and fairytale Alladin, is a character that despite her conservative enviroment, she manages to overcome obstacles and pursue true love. At Elements Restaurant, Princess Jasmine cocktail at firsts reminds of a Porn Star…

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Life In A New Light!

Life in a new light!


As part of the beginning of a new season, we looked back to heritage but also wanted to look forward to the forthcoming years and challenge ourselves to share our thoughts and beliefs. To this end, we’ve created this manifesto.  …

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