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Canaves Oia – Yoga

The Road to Relaxation – Spa & Yoga at Canaves Oia

Santorini Insider

Discover a new you after unwinding, relaxing and re-energizing with all-natural spa and Yoga therapy at Canaves Oia. Our dedicated yoga facilities provide a tranquil and inspiring environment where you can retreat from the world and completely rejuvenate.

A 17th-century wine cave transformed into a luxurious grotto-style spa, the Canaves Oia Luxury Spa’s charms begin with its unique design. The refined atmosphere of Santorini and the majestic aura of the Aegean scenery further add to the five-star experience.

A decadent treatment menu can be enjoyed with your partner or alone. Particularly special is the renowned Rasul treatment. Guests have a choice between the Terra Sigillata Therapy offering 3 highest value mineral mud, each as precious as gold, or the Bali Paradise Therapy combined of freshly blended fruit extracts and herbs for a therapeutic ritual.


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