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Xavier And Katie Ritzi

Sailing in Santorini

Santorini Insider

An experience you can’t miss is exploring Santorini’s hidden treasures whilst unwinding in luxury on your private Catamaran boat! Take to the velvet blue Aegean Sea sailing around the striking Caldera and the nearby Greek islands.

A fine selection of boat excursions, private or semi-private tours, are perfect for groups of friends, families or for a romantic cruise with your other half.

Some of the many boats on offer for the adventurous Canaves Oia sailing excursions in Santorini include the 56ft Catamaran Lagoon 560, the 50ft Catamaran Lagoon 500, the 40ft Catamaran Oia Lagoon 400 and the 74ft Ocean Voyager Catamaran sailing boat.

Pick and choose your ideal itinerary of exploratory or romantic tours in the magical Santorini Island with Sunset Oia Sailing.


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