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Chef Tasos Stefatos

Q & A with Executive Chef Tasos Stefatos at Elements Restaurant, Canaves Oia Epitome


Q: What is your background and what brought you to Canaves Oia?

A: Grown in an Ionian island, inspired from the combination of the blue of the sea and sky above Kefalonia. The Cycladic and Ionian flavors, the variety and diversity of the products coming from the Greek islands, each one with a unique identity and character, no better combination to be presented in a dish.

Q: Why Canaves?

A: Because Santorini is a top gastronomy destination, and the brand of Canaves, one of the most famous Greek brands having established its reputation worldwide.

Q: What is your inspiration/influences for the restaurant?

A: The particularity of the Santorini climate, the unique products born out of its grounds together with the influences of the Greek island cuisine, presented through a contemporary lens/vision

Q: What is the style of food in the menu?

a: Fusion cuisine with strong/intense Greek Elements and local products.

Q: What can people expect when dining here?

A: This depends on the mood of every single visitor. We want to initiate our guests to a holistic dining experience full of flavor, emotions and the essence of Greek hospitality. We want to create a beautiful memory that the diner will recall to his memory the day after.

Q:What do you think makes your cuisine stand out from the Santorini crowd?

A: The key aspect we would like to stand out for, is showcasing our guests that simplicity is priceless, (even in a world conquered by extravagance and lavishness).

Q:What to you want the restaurant to be known for?

A: It Is not only about the impeccable / high quality food served, but, but mostly for a well rounded experience launched to our guests, with basic components to be Greek Hospitality, and the unique techniques making diner a part of the meal served on his table.

Q: What dishes do you like best at the moment?

A: My favorite dishes are “Carrot 35cm” and the “Marriage of Figaro”. The first one, showcasing how a simple and modest/humble ingredient, could create different flavors and textures capable to stand in a fine dining table. As for the “Marriage of Figaro”, the components of this dish, represent the contrast and combination of the most humble ingredient, which is rice, together with the most elegant and fine product, which is lobster.

*Carrot 35cm by Christos Drazos

*The Marriage of Figaro by Ruxandra & Gabriel

Q: What is your signature dish and why?

A: It is “Sofigado”. A signature dish coming from my home land, the island of Kefalonia.

*Video by Sheirly

Q: What is your vision for the future?

Clear and Loud: I want to make “Elements” one of the very best restaurants in the world!

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