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Q & A with Chef Vasilis Roussos at Petra Restaurant, Canaves Oia Suites


Q: What is your background and what brought you to Canaves Oia?

A: At my early 30, my experience has been built amongst the best Greek Restaurants featuring fine dining and creative food. One of my teachers was Mr. Stefatos, now Executive Chef in Canaves Oia Resorts.

Recently awarded for the first time in my culinary career, by FNL awards, for the creative gastronomy project in Balcony Restaurant (Athens, Greece), I have been always dreaming to work and grow as a cook next to my mentor, Mr. Stefatos.

For every Greek chef, Oia, is the temple of Gastronomy (Oia means Gastronom-Oia).

Canaves Oia is amongst the most promising and gastronomic rising brand/complex in Greece, settling for nothing but the exceptional. The ideal place for me to express and expand my work.

mount athos greece

Q: What is your inspiration/influences for the restaurant?

A: Inspired from the customs and tradition of Cycladic culture, my intention is to transform Greek traditional cuisine, into its/a finest version, honoring Cycladic elements and Mediterranean fragrances/flavors.

Q: What is the style of food in the menu?

A: The profile of our menu heroes /features Greek Creative cuisine.  Tradition is entangled with modern techniques and touches.

Q: What can people expect when dining in here?

A: For (foreign) guests from abroad, the presentation of Greek philosophy and hospitality (philoxenia), would mark their visit in Petra. For Greek guests, the memories of Mother’s food, presented to a finest version, and seen through a contemporary lens, is what we want to offer as an experience while dining in Petra.

Q: What do you think makes your cuisine stand out from the Santorini crowd?

A: The intensity and authenticity of flavors which nowadays tend to disappear into the modern techniques and products. We want to be intimately related to our roots, while giving it a twist of finesse and elegance.

Q: What do you want the restaurant to be known for?

A: We want the restaurant to stand out for the Greek Hospitality and the unique combination of finesse and simplicity.

Q: What dishes do you like best at the moment?

A: So far we have distinguished the “Athenian Salad”, heroes seasonality and local ingredients.

Q: What is your signature dish and why?

A: It is Lamb Carpaccio. Greece’s signature meat, in its most contemporary version.

Q: What is your vision for the future?

A: I would like to make Petra restaurant, a gastronomy destination, attracting guests mostly for its unique flavors and cuisine, than for the famous view, which is already known for.


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