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Nikos Boutios: Join the Armenistas movement

People of Santorini

We often wonder what makes a place great and memorable. No matter how hard you try to create a place with great design, with the best materials, even at the best location, it’s always the people that craft the soul of a place and differentiate the vibe. At this “People of Santorini” interview, get to know Mr. Nikos Boutios, from Armeni Restaurant. Besides being the manager of the place, he is the life and soul of the party and there is no way you leave Armeni without a joke or a picture with him. Here, he opens up about his favorite places in Santorini and the restaurant.

  1. Tell us a bit about Armeni Restaurant. How did you end up managing this place?

It was an unexpected miracle, I was looking for a change, I had made some job applications, when I received a call telling me that the job was not available but….there is a small restaurant at Armeni bay, if I was interested to take over. After all that years on the island I had never heard about it. So the next day I walked down the steps, it was winter, nobody was there, I stood in front of the restaurant, it was love from the first sight, I felt like I returned to the place I got born, my mind was creating memories from a place I never been, magical . I took off my mobile and I call to say YES I want the job.

2. What makes Armeni Restaurant special?

It’s a set of things. The location, it’s a different aspect of Santorini, The speedboat ride to the restaurant, the authenticity of Greek culture, the fresh ingredients and the most important the people that works for the restaurant. 

3. A lot of celebrities visit the place. Which one you remember the most?

Of course it’s very interesting to host celebrities, but the power of the place is to make people feel relaxed and connected so they really behave so adorably normal and they have the same space in our hearts with thousands of other peoples that we call them “Armenistas” (one of us, family)

4. What’s your motto in life and business?

Quality instead of quantity.

5. What part of Santorini is your favorite?

Oia, Armeni. The view from everywhere in the caldera.

Armeni restaurant

6. What would you suggest to someone to do on their first time in Santorini? Give us a small itinerary. What’s the perfect day in Santorini?

Early morning walk the path from fira to Ammoudi,boat transfer and wine and catch of the day at Armeni restaurant,back to Ammoudi sailing tour in a catamaran at sunset, relax at the hotel with view at the caldera.

7. Any hidden spots? Secret places you want to share?

Vlychada beach, the monastery at pyrgos, the lighthouse.

8. How was 2020 season for you? What are you hoping for the future for your business and for Greek wines? Any positive note for our readers?

Of course we were open only for half season, but because we are a small business with good reputation we did well. I don’t know when this covid situation will end, but I really wish for 2021 season to see people’s smiles with no masks and to be able to hug and kiss my old and new “Armenistas”. So till then Stay Salty!

For more info about Armeni visit the official website or Facebook/ Instagram pages.

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