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Life in a new light!


As part of the beginning of a new season, we looked back to heritage but also wanted to look forward to the forthcoming years and challenge ourselves to share our thoughts and beliefs. To this end, we’ve created this manifesto.  

This “new we” manifesto is for those who seek change of point of view, for those who seek a new light. For avid travellers, for dreamers, for creative thinkers. For home-workers and for office junkies. For doers and procrastinators. For early birds and for night owls. For strategic planners and for last-minute lovers. The tiny detailers and big picture see-ers. For perpetual optimists and for constant pessimists. For all of us who got tired of this situation and desperately need encouragement and a pinch of passion. We are in this together. Together we need to change our point of view. There’s no point of feeling sad and chasing darkness. Chase your own special light. No matter how hard this situation is, there is always a new light to chase. The light of hope! The light of new friends, of new travels, of new life! Whoever you are, join us, and let’s only dream better days ahead. 

Life in a New Light! Within us, all around us! 

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