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Hideaway Pool Suites – new category at Canaves Oia Epitome

Santorini Insider

A brand new room category was created this year at Canaves Oia Epitome. The new Hideaway Pool Suites was released in July 2021. The new suites were featuring earthy and organic design as well as private pools.

Hideaway Pool Suites of Canaves Oia Epitome are part of the new extension of the Hotel that was completed in 2018. The new suites were developed in an elevated position, following the uphill of the ground and facing the famous sunset of Oia village.

The main target was to maintain the same forms of the main hotel – with extensive use of local stone and incorporating an earthy pallet of fabrics with wood and marble that lead to a consisted result. A line of parallel stone walls are in line with the geometry of the first phase buildings and also ensures the complete privacy of the guests. Arriving at Epitome and walking to the property, Hideaway Pool Suites remain private – almost invisible, justifying their name. Moreover, the rooms of the new section are mainly cave built and their chambers to create a garden. Thus, the extension of Epitome remains unseen when guests enter the property or from above. The garden variety underlines the landscape design of the property – lush gardens in the dry ground of Santorini. The landscape design is also highlighted at the room interior. Some Suites feature lush garden at the backdrop that are unified with the suite bathrooms via big glass windows. At the specific zone, where the two bathroom mirrors and the glass windows upgrade the end of the room, reflecting the greatest feature of the room: the magnificent Oia sunset and the endless sea view to Thirassia island.

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