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Cocktail Recipe: Smoky Italiano


It’s summer, it’s almost 8 and it’s just a few minutes before sunset where sky turns orange and you fell that it’s on fire. That’s a perfect timing for having a Smoky Italiano cocktail right before your dinner. This amazing cocktail screams Italian finesse and is named after the fine Italian bergamot liqueur and sweet Italian vermouth but also from the smoky combination of Mescal and Tequila! This signature cocktail is an invention of our Bar Manager, Nikos Antoniadis that is served exclusively at Infinity Bar of Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel. If you simply can wait till summer to visit us and enjoy this with Caldera views, grab your shakers and pamper your night!


Don Julio Blanco 25ml

Vida Mescal 20m

lItalicus (Bergamot Liqueur) 15ml

Antica Formula sweet Vermouth 15ml

Simple Syrup 10ml

Fresh lime Juice 20ml


Add all ingredients except of Antica Formula in a cocktail shaker, feel it with ice and shake. Double strain and serve in a chilled glass, add the Antica Formula in the glass and garnish with a lemon peel.


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