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Canaves Spa @ Home

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During these stressful and full of anxiety times, we decided to help you bring Canaves Spa at home with a few simple steps. The following session includes a breathing cycle, body pampering with deep exfoliation and light massage.

You can invest an afternoon a week and give your body the relaxation needed.

Don’t forget to breathe 

Start with a breathing cycle, 10 breaths, slowly breathing in from the nostrils counting to 5 and let the air out from the nostrils with the same paste. Take your time. Time for a few minutes of meditation. Make sure that you will have the opportunity to fully concentrate. Find a position to which you will feel comfortable. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Inhale…. Exhale…
Put your hands on your stomach and feel the movement created by your breathing. Imagine a big ball of light inside your chest. It is warm and pleasant to the touch. You can feel it when you place your hand over your heart. You feel like everything is possible, everything is going to be all right. What is the color of your light?

When you feel ready, open your eyes slowly.

Now it is time to indulge your body

Prepare your skin with a deep cleansing exfoliation. Mix sea salt that you have at home with Kurland’s oil blends and start your exfoliation from downwards upwards with a thorough circular inwards movement. Have a warm bath to remove the salt but do not use shower gel. Let the oil blends on your skin to be absorbed naturally. Then surrender yourself to our warm massage candles. With light strokes, starting from your feet going up to your calves and thighs, continue to the abdomen and hands and focus lastly on your neck and shoulders where our stress hides. This warm creamy wax with an exquisite perfumed ambiance will make you feel like you are having a Candle massage by one of our highly trained therapist while watching the amazing sunset of Santorini.

Continue to unwind with a warm relaxing chamomile tea.

How are you feeling?

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