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A day to #KeepSantoriniBlue

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On Monday October 25, Canaves Oia team and All For Blue team of volunteers gathered for a very special cause as they organized and performed a beach clean up at Ammoudi bay, the picturesque bay below Oia village in Santorini. All For Blue is an environmental non-profit organization that was founded in 2017 by Katerina Topouzoglou and has the mission of protecting the seas and oceans through education and experiential cleanup actions. Canaves Oia organization shares the same dream of protecting nature and preserving the marine ecosystem for all of us but also for future generations. 

As teamwork drives results, volunteers from each department of the resorts organization gathered on Monday morning and attended the ocean conservation seminar from AllForBlue by the founder Katerina Topouzoglou. Then the team split into groups and with the zero footprint equipment of AllForBlue, removed waste from the main road to Ammoudi and around Ammoudi bay. Another team of professional divers along with the valuable help of Apostolos Stylianopoulos and his Atlantis Diving team and Dive in Action of Dimitris Kampanos, performed an underwater clean up from Ammoudi bay to Saint Nicholas chapel. In total, 10 professional divers participated in the underwater clean up, collecting underwater waste from umbrellas and pots to carpets and blankets, while the Port Authority of Santorini ensured their safety. 

The Canaves Oia volunteers also separated the waste collected per category and in collaboration with Santorini Municipal Port Fund, the items were taken to the local Center of Waste Separation and Recycling. 

With this action and the collaboration with All for Blue, Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts want to inspire more and more locals and tourists that we have a duty to respect and preserve the beauty of Santorini. Moreover, to give a promise for more sustainable actions, positive impact and of course #KeepSantoriniBlue.. 

More information about the waste collected from the action you may find here

If you want to support the actions of All For Blue click here

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